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Wanting to return to the work force after a break? Feeling lacking in direction as to what you would like to do? Perhaps wanting to apply for a new role but it’s been a while since you did that? Where do you even start? What are employers looking for with a resume these days anyway? This is where Kirsty comes in. With many years’ experience in helping people uncover their career goals and offering practical assistance in Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Selection Criteria, Linkedin Profiles and Interview Skills, Kirsty can work with you to help you secure the job of your dreams.

Success Stories

It is amazing - I am almost speechless!! Never, EVER, has my resume looked or sounded like this as in never, EVER, has my resume looked or sounded so good. I feel like I come across as an actual professional working person instead of what/who my previous resume reflected; I've honestly had the same style since I was a teenager and first started working some 20+ years ago. I feel extraordinarily grateful, impressed, and amazed with what you have prepared, so thank you. I think especially as I don't have a specific role in mind that what you have done covers nearly every skill and ability I have acquired and improved upon with this current job. Thank you again Kirsty - this has been a really great experience and made me feel like maybe I do have some skills that employers are looking for and that I can do this, as scary as it may be, I can do this.


After being a stay at home mum for 9 years my resume certainly needed a refresh. Kirsty to the rescue! Not only did she provide me with an upbeat, professional document. She was also personable in her way. My resume was a stand out. First job interview I attended-I got the job and was commended for my resume. Thank you Kirsty!


About Kirsty

After working for many years in recruitment and the employment industry in Sydney and on the Central Coast, Kirsty was encountering a large number of women who were either looking to change careers or to get back into the work force after taking time away to have a family. Having been both at different points in her life, Kirsty was able to understand some of the challenges they were facing and decided to put together a program to help. Starting out initially helping friends to change careers or get different jobs, the business idea grew and continues to grow each day. Kirsty is extremely passionate about the benefits of work, not just to be contributing financially to the household, but for mental and physical health and has seen these benefits firsthand with the hundreds of clients she has worked with. Originally from the UK, Kirsty initially lived in Sydney and then moved with her husband and 2 children to the Central Coast. With an understanding of the jobs market nationally and state-wide, Kirsty also has local knowledge and experience in supporting women in Regional Australia.

Packages & Services


Career Coaching Program

Claim your Career – 8 week coaching program, taking you from feeling lost to claiming your career. We will explore what you value, what your motivations are, your skills, your likes, working together to explore career options, then making sure you have all the practical skills to go out there and CLAIM THAT CAREER.

(And yes its in CAPS because by the end of the program you will be shouting from the roof tops!)


$ 249
  • Professionally written resume, tailored to individual needs.


$ 149
  • Specifically tailored for a role or a type of role, using your specific examples to demonstrate capability.


$ 199
  • Professionally written Linkedin Profile to showcase your skills and experience to employers.  Includes 15 minute lesson on how to use Linkedin to search for jobs.


$ 199
  • Professionally written resume, tailored to individual needs, ideally suited to those starting out in a career or with limited work history.


$ 89
  • Once you have your main letter, if additional ones need to be written for different types of roles.


$ 199
  • Individually written responses, using your personal examples to demonstrate capabilities and give specific examples for each question.  For Senior roles, contact for a quote.


$ 199
  • If its been a while since you interviewed, or you are heading in a different direction with your career, you may benefit from a one hour interview preparation session, individually tailored to meet your needs so you can really nail that interview!



$ 349
  • Resume
  • Cover letter


$ 529
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Linkedin profile


$ 699
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Linkedin profile
  • Interview preparation


Contact for an individual quote
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Linkedin profile
  • Interview preparation
  • Source suitable job opportunities



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